Monday, June 24, 2013

Jackie Chan is NOT dead!

Once again Jackie is the victim of a round of erroneous reports of his death. He posted this picture of himself holding a newspaper dated Friday 21June on Weibo to confirm he is alive and well.  Please check your facts with a reliable news when you hear these stories. Jackie is right, if something were to happen to happen to him it would be reported in all the major newspapers, not just unconfirmed rumours.

 "Yesterday, I got on a 3am flight from India to Beijing and arrived back in Beijing at noon. I didn't even get a chance to sleep because there unending phone calls from friends, dozens of happy good wishes on my [rumoured] engagement, and then there were dozens of calls to find out if I was alive. Time and time again there have been fake messages about my death causing friends and fans around the world, who care about me, to be worried sick. If I died, I would certainly inform the world! ha ha! So that you can believe [I am alive], look at the photo. Thank you for all the care and love. Kiss Kiss

我昨日才從印度回來,因為是凌晨3點多的航班,回到北京已是中午。我連睡覺都來不及,不斷收到來自各方好友的電話,有打來恭喜我訂婚之喜,又有打來關心我 是否已經死去了。這麼多年來,一次又一次的假消息發送,害得全世界影迷朋友,和關心我的人都擔心死!如果我真的死了,我一定會公告天下. 通知大家!哈哈!為了讓大家相信,請看照片!總之,謝謝各界對我的關心和愛護!kiss kiss!

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