Monday, June 10, 2013

Jackie Chan immortalize his nose in Hollywood

International expert Jackie Chan on the sixth appeared in TCL Chinese Theater in la for a hand print ceremony as he became the second Chinese creative person to be honored within the theater sq. when celebrated director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum). Jackie Chan appeared along with his hour co-star Chris Tucker and can Smith's son Jaden Smith.

Jackie Chan 1st received a certificate then began the hand print ceremony. He not solely left his hand and foot prints however conjointly the "Jackie Chan nose" during a push up like stance.

Although after he had cement on his nose and mouth, Jackie Chan perceived to be terribly happy. He said, "20 years ago when I saw someone else's hand print ceremony, I said to myself I definitely had to work hard and leave something in Hollywood."Finally Jackie Chan wrote his English name, love and peace on the cement, which is able to be preserved within the podium.

After the ceremony, Jackie Chan couldn't wait to post his photos on-line to share the thrill along with his fans. He said, "Today I came up a very interesting idea, taking off my shoes and wearing the socks that I designed for foot prints. Even more surprising to me were my good friend Chris Tucker and my disciple Jaden Smith as well as many good friends who appeared on the stage and supported me. I was very happy to see them. Here I have to thank viewers who like movies, the media, my good friends and my fans around the world. Thank you."

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