Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jackie Chan Leg techinques The idea with the Academy.

“Every movie I make, I have to risk my life to make it better.” That statement could only have come from Jackie Chan, the legendary Hong Kong star who has not only acted and directed in some of the finest action films ever made but also choreographed and performed all of his stunts on film. On June 3, 2013, the Academy saluted Chan with a rare American public appearance for a packed house at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

After a delighted introduction from the Academy’s Ellen Harrington, the audience gave an enormous ovation to Jackie once he was welcome to the stage by the evening’s host, diversion Weekly’s Geoff Boucher. Jackie explained however his most up-to-date film, “Chinese Zodiac” (2012), took six years to put in writing and a year and a half year to create (“So if you transfer, it very hurts me!”).

He conjointly shared stories regarding the first days of his career once he had slightly half in “Enter the Dragon” (1973) opposite Bruce Lee, who struck Jackie with a stick during a fight scene and ran over to check on him the 2 became friends (with Jackie with humor enjoying up his injury), and once the star’s death, Jackie was one amongst the numerous Hong Kong stars were pushed because the next huge martial arts star. The demand of Bruce Lee’s fighting vogue was insatiable with imitators like “Bruce Li, Bruce Table, Bruce Chair,” as Jackie known as them, however he had to pay years developing his own vogue

The result was his 1st huge breakthrough film, “Snake within the Eagle’s Shadow” (1978), was quickly followed by different successes like “Drunken Master” constant year and “The huge Brawl” in 1980. Jackie perpetually did his stunts part out inevitably, as lavish lighting tricks budgets were utterly out of reach. Those early films were created for a budget of around $150,000, with Jackie obtaining a $9,000 earnings he had to separate together with his production company. 

However, Jackie’s career in Hollywood extremely took off with “Rush Hour” (1998) and its 2 sequels, and he cites his costar, Chris Tucker, collectively of his favorite fellow actors. Amusingly, Jackie didn’t like him initially after they met at the craftsman Agency fifteen years past. “Why will he keep talking?” Jackie thought, however the 2 became quick friends



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