Friday, May 31, 2013

Charity Research Center Part 2

From Jackie on Weibo and a few more photos:

Yesterday I was at the Communication University of China to co-found China's first charity research center to study how to disseminate a culture of charity. I have been doing charity for 30 years, and I have recognized that charity is an attitude to life. To donate one yuan is charity, to donate ten million is charity, filial piety is charity, and to work as a volunteer and more are all good deeds. I co-founded the media research center with the University so that, through research, we can promote the concept of charity, to implement activities, and to train personnel for charity work and in conclusion to determine what is needed to make charity become the Chinese people's way of life? I hope it will bring more positive energy to society. The culture of philanthropy starts with ourselves, but can eventually affect the whole world. Only on the day when charity is not "charity" but a cultural norm, can we say, on that we achieved our goal!

昨天,我在传媒大学挂牌,成立了中国第一个研究如何传播慈善文化的学术中心。我做慈善30多年,一直認同它是一種生活態度,捐一元是慈善,捐一千万也是慈 善,孝顺父母和当義工,更加是善行。我与传媒大学共同成立这个研究中心,就是要通过课题研究、理念推广、活动执行、人才培养四项工作得出结论 怎样做才能让慈善成为中国人的生活方式?我希望它能带动起社会更多正能量,把慈善文化,由自己做起,最终可以影响全世界。只有当慈善不是“慈善”而是文化 常态,那一天我们的工作目标就达成了!

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